David W. Chandler – Violin and Fiddle maker

Burnsville, North Carolina

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  Made one at a time in the manner of the old masters


STYLE -- Made the old fashioned way, from blocks of wood with hand tools.  I build both the Stradivari or “Strad  ANDGuarnari” design violins.   The Strad is more intense and brilliant in sound and  popular with soloists for its ability to project sound over and above accompanying musicians.  The Guarnari  has a darker yet powerful sound and is almost as popular with soloists as the Strad.  I have recently completed  a Viola based on an instrument made in 1735 by Georg Kloz, the progenitor of the Mittenwald (Germany) school of violin making.


MAKING A VIOLIN -- Making a violin from its basic components takes 200 to 300 hours or more, and it can take a month or so just getting the final varnish finish completed.   The parts cost between $250 and $400 depending on the quality of the wood, fittings and strings.  I use high quality professional level strings, usually Obligato or Dominants which can cost $60-75 per set.  Then, I like to play my violins for a few weeks, sometimes months,  before I’m satisfied with the sound-post placement and bridge adjustments.  Being a member of the local orchestra, I get lots of opportunity to put in a few hours on each instrument, and ask other players their opinion on the sound.


WARRANTY  --  30 day “no questions asked” return policy with full refund (except shipping) as long as its returned in the same condition it was purchased.  All my instruments come with a life-time warranty (my lifetime that is, so hurry up!).  You can bring it back for any issues that may arise from the construction for free repair or adjustment. I’ll always give you credit for the purchase amount if you decide to trade up to another of my violins of greater value, presuming the condition is within normal range for age.


 New Violins                                          Georg Kloz 1735 Viola (copy)



SERVICES --  Repairs, set-up, string changes, new bridges cut, fingerboards fitted, new pegs fitted, clean and inspect.


BUYING --  Trade-ins considered.   I may purchase instruments and bows outright.


ABOUT ME – I began playing piano at age 5, and switched to the violin at age 9, with Edward Silvers (a survivor of Buchenwald) of the Santa Clara Symphony as my first teacher, and then was later the student of retired professional Cellist, Walter Gras, of the Chicago Symphony.  In my early teens I was nominated to play with the California Youth Symphony every year through High School, and was voted “most talented” in my class.  Although my playing was interrupted by a 27-year military career, my love of fine art and music continued, as landscape painter and fine art importer throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.  I’m a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, Vietnam and Gulf War veteran, and hold a BS degree from the University of Tampa, and MS from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey California.  I am now a violinist with the Toe River Chamber Orchestra.  I make violins, both the Stradivari and the Guarnari designs, at my workshop on the banks of the South Toe River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, about an hour from Asheville.





Member – VSA - Violin Society of America

Member – VMAAI - Violin Maker Association of Arizona, International


Mail inquiries to David Chandler, 201 River Links Drive, Burnsville, NC 28714

Or call David at 828-675-0449